Double pack of WildFlower Discovery Cards


Wildflowers are amazing and you will find them everywhere. Spotting them and identifying them is a great activity and adds a little nature trail adventure into each and every walk!


Some wildflowers emerge as early as January and February such as snowdrops. Others throughout spring such as Forget-me-nots and some in later spring and early summer such as Cow Parsley.


This set features 20 different types of common wildflowers to spot whilst out and about. 


PLEASE NOTE - this set of cards is one sided only.  This listing is for a double pack of the cards - 40 in total. This is so the cards can be used to not just help with identification whilst out and about, but also used for games like snap and memory pairs. The pack includes 40 cards. 


The cards come in a 100% cotton bag and all cards are made from recycled materials.



Double Pack -Wildflower Discovery Cards

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