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Spring and early summer is a wonderful time to find out more about all the catkins and blossoms that we can see appearing on trees.


Our cards feature a range of 'Tree Flowers' that appear from March to the end of June - ones you may spot whilst out on your walk. These include a range of catkins such as Hazel, 'pussy willows' and silver birch, and blossoms such a range of native cherry blossoms, hawthorn, blackthorn and more!   It really is a fun and mindful activity to do with the family. PLUS the cards help with recognising the trees, many without leaves, at this time of the year and build into a full celebration of spring!


Each card has a clear image on one side and lots of facts on the other that tell you more about the catkins and blossoms. The cards 21 'tree flowers' and come in a 100% eco-cotton drawstring bag.


Cards are made from recycled materials and have a slight sheen finish so easy to wipe down. However, if using outside for long periods and/or with groups - we advise laminating cards for longevity. 


Tree Flowers - Catkins & Blossoms

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