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Christmas Craft Pack

This Christmas we have a lovely Christmas Craft pack available, this is also a charity fund raiser for the Friends of Rowntree Park. In the pack are a range of mainly natural materials to create and craft this festive period.

In the box you will find:

  • 2 x wooden lanterns to construct and decorate as you wish (also led candles included)

  • 2 x wooden 3D stars - again to construct and decorate

  • 2 x log slices to decorate

  • 1 x log slice to weave a star on

  • a selection of pine cones, orange slices and cinnamon sticks to create your own hanging decorations

Below are some images that will help with the construction of your lantern and ideas for decorations. We'd love to see anything you create, so please do share your photos either via email or tagging us on social media!

Lantern construction

The pieces slot together - take a look at the images to see what is what. The candle then just slots through the back!

Log star and log slices

It is a good way to problem solve and work out how to thread the star. Small children will need help and support with this. If you are struggling to get the bakers twine through the holes then a cocktail stick or similar is helpful!

The other two log slices are to decorate as you please! You may choose to use paints or felt tips/crayons. Snowmen faces are fun to make (paint the slice white and then decorate!) The wooden stars can be slotted together and decorated or left as they are. Their is a hole to add some string to hang!

Using the natural loose bits to create decorations

You can be as creative as you like here. we have included some examples below.

Extra ideas - Nature snowflakes

This decoration is not only a beautiful winter craft but also a great way to develop and practise some fine motor skills in children. One of the best parts is getting the whole family out in nature looking for sticks and other natural treasures that will be used to decorate their star.

What you need:

4 Sticks of around the same size Bits of nature such as fern, pine, or whatever may work! Twine (or elastic bands) White acrylic paint and brush Scissors

  1. Make sure the sticks are dry and snap or cut to size.

  2. Paint the sticks and pieces of nature and allow to dry (painting is option - you may prefer the more natural look)

  3. Tie the sticks in the middle to form the star using twine by wrapping around (if you have a hot glue gun you may want to also use this to help hold in place).

  4. Wrap the elastic bands on the sticks and invite the children to slide in the pieces of nature - weaving into the bands so the pieces of nature stay put. This is great for developing fine motor skills and resilience! You can add more bands and more nature if you so choose.

  5. If you’d like to hang the stars, add a twine loop at the top or you can just balance them on your Christmas tree or a shelf.

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