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NEW - Herbal Remedy Kits

We are excited to share our...

LIMITED EDITION Herbal Remedy Kits - on sale now!

This kit has been lovingly created and crafted for those who want to take their love of nature and potion making to the next level! Suitable for children OR adults, this kit comes with a range of resources and recipes to get you started:

  • A 20 page beautifully illustrated guide with 15 recipes for simple balms, salves, lotions, syrups and teas.

  • A pack of 15 illustrated ID Cards (Image one side and information on the reverse).

  • 3 seed packets of medicinal herbs to get you started on your herbal medicinal garden.

  • 3 packs of dried herbs/flowers to use in your recipes.

  • Plus a range of resources including tins, tubs, bottles, bags and ingredients.

The kit comes in eco packaging and would make a perfect gift for Easter, or a wonderful family activity in general.

Please note - this kit is available to pre order now and ships from Monday 20th of March until 25th of March. We are then away until the 12th fo April, so any orders made in this time will ship on our return.

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