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The Catkin Club

Updated: May 26, 2021

The Catkin Club is an occasional event aimed at 1-5 years to help them engage and have fun in nature.

The session runs under themes. In our first meet-up in April 2021 we explored blossoms and activities included; blossom playdough, happa zome flower printing, painting and making our own blossom trees, and making blossom crowns.

The sessions are mainly free flow and you can move through activities at your own pace and measure your child's interest. If they are engrossed in an activity there is no rush to do them all!

The sessions cater for a range of ages and different children will get different things out of the sessions. There are chances to develop knowledge and understanding of aspects of nature, focus on sensory activities to stimulate conversations and promote mindfulness, chance to develop fine motor skills, and to be social!

the sessions also promote the development of resilience, help build confidence and risk-taking and much more. Most importantly - it's fun!

Brilliant Bees!

Wednesday 9th June 10am-11.15am

We will be finding out all about bees at this session. Activities will include things such as:

  • Creating your own bees

  • Bee pollination games

  • Making 'Bee Bombs' (seed bombs to encourage wildflowers bees love)

  • Learning games and activities linked to bees

The event takes place at Rowntree Park in York.


£6 for one child and one adult - BOOK £10 for one adult and two children - BOOK

The original date was 26th May and if you had tickets for this date, the booking has been transferred to the new date.

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