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Who doesn't love poo?

Tracking animals is a fun and informative activity for children (and adults) of all ages. One of the ways we can find out about animals is through their poo!


Our poo cards include interesting, and yucky, facts about common woodland animals poo. Find out what colour, size and shape the poo is and what clues can be found in the poo that tell you more about the animals.  Searching for poo is not just fun, children use their problem-solving skills and to work out 'who's poo?' and look for 'clues in the poo'!


The cards can be bought as a stand-alone product or also available in our Poo Activity Kit. 


Animal Poo Cards

SKU: 0010
  • 10 Woodland Animal Poo Identification  Cards that come in a handy 100% cotton bag - suitable for taking out on explorations.

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