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Animal tracking is a great activity for children of all ages. Looking for animal tracks whilst out on walks creates interest and intrigue. This is an activity that can be done all year round! Every walk becomes a detective hunt!


Looking for prints helps children learn about animals, use their thinking skills, and ask questions,  and also there is plenty of opportunity for imagination too! 


Our Animal Tracking cards feature animals whose prints you may see whilst out and about including; woodland animals, farm animals and some waterfowl.


Each card shows the footprint and the reverse of the card includes facts and details about the size and shape and clues on how to spot the print.


The cards can be used whilst out tracking or for activities at home. They make fantastic resources to engage and interest children in tracking and animals in general.


We also have Animal Tracking kits available with activities to accompany the cards.




Animal Tracking Cards

SKU: 008
  • 20 Animal tracking cards

    100% cotton drawstring bag