Animal tracking is one of the most fun activities to get up to whilst out exploring nature.  What tracks can you find? Who do they belong to? 

Working out who's tracks is lots of fun and a perfect activity for families of all ages.  A chance to gain some knowledge, apply problem solving and deduction skills, and even imagination!

Our Animal Tracking kit includes:


20 Animal tracking cards featuring a range of woodland and farm animals, as well as some waterfowl.  Each card features an animal print and information about the track including size and shape. Cards come in a 100% cotton drawstring back - handy for taking out on your walks.


Track casting mix - plaster to create your own casts of tracks you find whilst out, full instructions included.

A tracking mix and a range of tools to create your own versions of the animal tracks including a wooden ruler to measure out the correct the size of the prints wooden rolling pin, and variety of wooden tools.


Most suited to ages 3-12 approximately.




Animal Tracking Kit

SKU: 0015
  • Kit includes:

    20 Animal Tracking cards and 100% cotton bag

    Animal Tracking mix, wooden ruler, wooden rolling pin, various wood 'sticks' and shapes.

    Simple to follow instructions