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Get to know your garden birds with this 'Bird Buffet' kit. 


The kit features 10 garden bird identification cards to help spot your garden visitors. Each card has facts about each bird on the reverse.  Cards fit neatly in the 100% cotton draw string bag.


The kit includes a range of fun ways to help attract birds to your garden. We give you the resources and instructions to create your own bird feeders. Three different types of feeders to create and use: a mini bird table, log feeder and  a pine cone feeder. We also give you the seeds to get started and some handy instructions and ideas.


There is also a small bird house to decorate!


You will need peanut butter or lard/fat to help create the pine cone and log bird feeders.



Garden Bird Buffet Kit

SKU: 0006
  • Kit includes:
    10 garden bird identification cards (facts on reverse)
    100% cotton draw string back for the cards
    1 x log bird feeder
    1 x log disc (pre drilled) and twine
    1x pine cone and twine
    Bag of bird seed