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We love spring and wanted to share with you our love.  Many of the trees begin to flower and blossom and this free download is here to help with some basic identification. This sheet can be used on your phone or printed out. Features 8 Blossoms and Tree Flowers you may find from March to June.


In addition to the image side, there is a second page with some information. We hope you enjoy the sheet and please do tag us on social media if you are out and about spotting blossom and tree flowers!  We love to see your finds.


Some info...

Trees flower like any other plant, but some go unnoticed whereas others we can see easily. Catkins are also a type of tree flower (see our other free download). This sheet focuses on tree flowers and blossoms that you are most likely to see from March to June.  With some blossoms such as Cherry Tree and Crab Apple, there are different varieties. This sheet just helps with basic identification and doesn’t categorise into various types or male and female flowers - this is just an introduction to the joys of tree flowers and blossoms!


Blossom & Tree Flowers

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