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Beautiful butterflies are so amazing to spot and watch throughout spring and summer.  Learn how to identify your garden visitors and found out more about where you'll find them and what plants they are attracted to.


15 clear crisp image cards of some of the UK's most spotted butterflies. On the reverse of each card are a range of fun and fascinating facts about what the caterpillars and butterflies feed on, when and where to see them and how to spot them!


All card sets come in a 100% handy cotton drawstring bag. These cards are perfect for taking out and about on your nature walks or to be used at home for learning opportunities.


Cards are made from recycled materials and have a slight sheen finish so easy to wipe down. However, if using outside for long periods and/or with groups - we advise laminating cards for longevity.


Love butterflies?

Then why not but the Butterfly Activity Kit?

Featuring the butterfly identification cards,  make your own Butterfly and Bee seed bomb kit and butterfly feeder station activities.

Butterfly Discovery Cards

SKU: 0022
  • Find out more about all the brilliant butterflies that we see in our gardens and out and about on walks. Learn how to recognise butterflies, and when and where to see them!

    Our 15 butterfly identification cards  that include a range of fascinating facts. All cards come in a 100% cotton drawstring bag.