FREE Catkin Spooter sheet download!


Learn to spot some of the Catkins you see in Spring! This handy sheet can be printed or downloaded to your phone and taken with you on your walks and explorations. Features 8 most common catkins you may find.


Looking for Catkins is a wonderful way to add a twist to your spring nature walk!


Some info about catkins:

Catkins are a form of tree flower. They are seen in spring, often before the leaves on the trees start to appear.


Most of the Catkins that we see easily are male catkins - they tend to hang down and dangle (the ones on the sheer are mainly male). The female flowers are often smaller and different shapes.  The female flowers are sometimes on the same tree as the males (Monoecious). Other trees do not have male and female catkin/flowers and rely on pollination from other trees (Dioecious).


Monoecious examples -  Alder, Hazel, Silver Birch, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Walnut.


Dioecious examples - Aspen, Goat Willow and White Willow. (Aspens aren't as common - mainly   seen in Scotland and the North of England). 


Catkins release pollen and this travels on the wind, though willow can be pollinated by insects.

We hope you enjoy this free sheet.  Please do tag us in any social media showing you using the sheet or your catkin finds - we love to see them! 

Catkin spotter download