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Foraging Cards


More details coming soon.... but just a brief description to get the cards on sale!

We have a new collection of 'Foraging Cards'. Foraging basically means looking for food! Foraging as a family can be a fun activity.  There are so many edible flowers that are fun to find and try in simple recipes. Our cards feature a selection of edible flowers you are likely to find in your garden, parks and on walks. The cards feature descriptions, where and when to find them, tastes and ideas on how to use them!


The set includes 14 cards with clear images and detailed information on the back. 


The cards are made from recycled card and come in a 100% cotton bag - perfect for pockets!

Cards are made from recycled materials and have a slight sheen finish so easy to wipe down. However, if using outside for long periods and/or with groups - we advise laminating cards for longevity. 


Card sets come with an instruction and guidance leaflet. Please note to forage responsibly.  

Foraging - Edible Flowers

SKU: 00036