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Foraging Flashcards on a keyring 


This set has been designed with small ones in mind - 17 cards that show fruits and nuts to forage through summer and autumn. The key ringmeans they cards are easy to flipthrough and won't get lost! Perfect for helping identify fruits and nuts. Aimed at 2-8 year olds.


We also sell more in detail foragimng cards for older children/adults that include lots of information on the reverse (fruits/edible flowers and wild herbs and weeds) 


Please note - with all foraging it must be done carefully and respectfully.

Some of the items on the cards can be eaten raw BUT a others must be cooked and/or seeds removed.  When trying any fruit/nut for the first time, rub a small amount on your lip and see if there is any reaction. We cannot be held responsible for any foraging activity - our cards act as an identification guide only.

Foraging Flashcards - with keyring