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One of the most fantastic nature's treasure hunts for all ages is finding fabulous fungi!


Delight your mini mycologist(s) with this set of marvellous mushroom identification cards!


Throughout all seasons, a variety of fungi can be discovered in our gardens, parks, woodlands, meadows and more! With our Fungi Discovery Cards, you can start to learn how to identify some of the most common types of fungi that you are likely to see whilst out and about. It really turns each walk into a nature treasure hunt. 


Our cards feature a clear image of each fungi along with a range of facts including descriptions, where and when to find and a fun fact!


These cards really are an essential addition to every family's walk activities. They come in a 100% cotton drawstring bag that can be taken where ever you go! The cards also work well for home learning activities and can be used for display and information purposes.


Cards are made from recycled materials and have a slight sheen finish so easy to wipe down. However, if using outside for long periods and/or with groups - we advise laminating cards for longevity. 


** WARNING: many species of fungus are poisonous or contain chemicals that can cause sickness. We advise you never pick and eat any species of fungus.


Fungi Discovery Cards

SKU: 009
  • 22 Fungi Discovery Cards with images and a range of information, that come in a handy 100% cotton drawstring bag.