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Nature Connection - Sensory and Mindfulness Walk Nature Cards


Slow down and focus on the here and now with our Sensory Walk and Mindfulness Activity Cards. Being out in nature has so many positive benefits for both physical and mental health. Spending time in nature and connection with nature helps reduce stress levels, helps strengthen the immune system and realises happy hormones!  Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilises our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness.  Our Sensory Walk and Mindfulness Activity Cards give you the prompts to help you and your family connect with nature in different ways. 


Sensory Walk

A great way to practice mindfulness with children is by going on a nature sensory walk. A sensory walk is where you focus on one sense at a time - really focus on it! Taking the time to REALLY notice the world around us. To listen to the sounds we hear, the sights we see, using our senses of touch and smell.


Our cards are colour coded into senses - Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell.  On your walk, aim to focus on one sense - and really notice what is around you.  Our cards give prompts and are a great way to really help your family engage with all their senses.


Mindfulness Activity Cards

In the pack there are also some Mindfulness in nature cards. These are double sided and have 20 suggested activities that you can do in nature.  Whilst on your walk you could aim to undertake a few of the tasks and save some for another time. The activities will help you slow down and focus on the here and now, giving a unique twist to your walks and time outdoors.


Nature Connection

The cards are A7 made from recycled materials, 350 GSM and come in a 100% cotton bag perfect for carrying with you on walks.  Being eco friendly matters to us as much as it does to you. All our products are perfect for plastic free parenting. The cards come with instructions and ideas for using the cards. 


We believe that if people are to value the natural world, they need to love it, and to love it they first need to connect with it. All our resources help reconnect you with nature and help nurture children's love of the world outside their door.


Cards are made from recycled material and have a slight sheen finish so easy to wipe down. However, if using outside for long periods and/or with groups - we advise laminating cards for longevity. 

Nature Connection- Sensory & Mindfulness Cards

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