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Pondlife ID cards


Dive into the fascinating world of pond life with our Pond Life Identification Cards!


Perfect for curious families and nature enthusiasts, these 24 A7-sized cards are your ultimate companion for pond exploration. Each card features a clear photograph on one side, aiding in easy identification, while the reverse side is packed with essential information including size, detailed descriptions, habitat, and dietary habits.


From water fleas to water beetles, these cards provide a comprehensive guide to the diverse inhabitants of UK ponds, making them ideal for educational activities like pond dipping. Delve into the wonders of nature as you learn when and where to find these fascinating creatures and discover what fuels their tiny ecosystems.

Crafted with environmental consciousness in mind, our cards come in an eco-friendly cotton bag, ensuring sustainability every step of the way.

Embrace the joy of discovery and ignite your passion for the natural world with our Pond Life Identification Cards – the perfect tool for enhancing family adventures and fostering a deeper appreciation for aquatic ecosystems.

 If you are  using next to ponds or with groups, it would be useful to laminate the cards.



Also please see my Frog and Toad ID Lifecycle cards.


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Pondlife ID Cards