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We are parents, educators and nature lovers. Our aim is to support you in nurturing a love of nature and the outdoors with your own family. The world outside your door is amazing and awe-inspiring. Each day a new adventure to be had and discoveries to be made. 

Here on our blog, we will post some of the things we get up to in the great outdoors, as well as sharing crafts and activities. 


For wide eyes and wild hearts...

We don't live in the countryside. We live near the centre of a city. But nature is everywhere and waiting to be discovered. Seeing how our own children engage with nature and the joy it brings them, and we as adults have learnt so much as we explore and discover as a family. To learn the names of what we see-  to find out more, helps us connect with what we see outdoors. If we know we understand. if we understand we see the importance and value. When we know that we love and protect. 

With a background in teaching and running environmental programmes and nature/eco educational sessions for the local community, creating resources to facilitate families growing their love of nature together seemed the perfect addition. Let's learn and love together!

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