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Learning all about garden birds

We are absolutely obsessed with garden birds. 2020 has been a year like no other, but one of the positives we have taken away as a family is that we slowed down and took in the world around us. One of the areas we spent so much time learning more about was our garden visitors. We'd never realised the wide variety of birds that come to visit us. We knew about the families of sparrows who live in the bird boxes we have near our bedroom window - they are very noisy, but very lovely too! But when we sat back and watched and listened, we saw long-tailed tits, blue tits, great tits, coaltits, robin's, starlings, and more! We have even set up a camera to capture our feathered friends when they come to try out our feeders. It has been so much fun to see which types of feeders and food different birds prefer!

At Catkin and co, we are passionate about helping nurture a love of nature in children and create kits and crafts for families to help learn more about, and engage more with nature. We have a range of garden bird identification cards with facts that are handy for smaller hands to use to spot their feathered visitors when at home or out and about. Throughout Winter so far, our bird craft kits and Bird Buffet kits have been popular. We cannot wait to see the photographs of the children creating their favorite birds or maybe even inventing their own super birds from the 3D wooden models we send them.

Our own children have put our Bird Buffet Kit into action - we are trying out a range of feeders to see which are most popular. From the photographs here, you'll see that the Longtailed tits seem to be a fan of the pinecone feeders, the bluetits like the hanging table, the great tits like all the hanging feeders. However, interestingly, we have found that the robins prefer to feed from the floor, so we have created them a 'bird pizza' using log slices and seeds. We are going to keep watching and seeing what other activity we get! There are still a few days for Christmas posting, so if you are thinking about gifts for inquisitive nature-loving children and families, then do check out our Garden Bird items here. Tried, tested, and fully approved by our feathered friends!

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