All about Conifers!


As the winter trees lose their leaves, confiers stand proud and green! Winter is a perfect time to find out all about conifer trees. In this set of resources you can find out about firs, pines, spruces, cedar, cypress and more!  Larch is the only conifer tree that loses its needles in winter, but it still has cones you can spot! 


These resources are currently download only - all this for the price of a coffee! 

 If you are interested in printed ID cards then get in touch. If there is enough interest I will have them printed and add them to the shop. 


In this download you get access to resources you can print at home that include:

  • A Conifer spotting sheet to take out and about!
  • Info sheet outlining the differences between fir, pine and spruce
  • Individual Conifer Identification cards (to be printed approx A7) - 11 cards
  • Individual 'cone' identification cards ( to be printed approx A7) - 8 cards


Additional notes:

  • The resources are a general guide to conifers and doesn't cover every type of conifer in detail - just a general over view of the main ones you may spot whilst out and about.  The reources can be used by all ages and link well to arts and crafts that may also utilise nature.
  • In the cone section there are 'alder cones' - alder are not conifers but included as they are a cone you may spot!

When  printing you can select what size/how many on each page.  I hope you enjoy spotting the conifers this winter, we certainly are doing! Please do share any photos or tag on social media if you use these resources.

Please note - no refunds can be offered on digital downloads as the product is automatically delivered after sale.

Conifers - Digital Download