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Use our downloadable cards to help you identify common pond life found in UK ponds (and other wet areas!). The cards include 24 common pond 'creartures'. 

These cards are designed to be duel sided - with a clear photographic image and name for ID on one side  some facts on the reverse. However when printing at home, obvioously print and use them as you wish! 


Designed to be printed A7 like our physical cards- but you can choose the size to print.  This is a PDF document so each side of the card will display A4 intially - choose the settings in your printer options to get more images to a page (if you are not sure how - have a fiddle as you will work it out!) I'd tend to print 4-6 on a page.  


If interested in physical cards - let me know as if there is enough interest I'll get some printed (min order needed is 50 sets across people). 


Also please see my Frog and Toad ID cards and life cycle download here.


We love seeing our resources in  use, so please share on social media if willing!



Pond Life ID Cards