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Do you have a little duck lover? 


Then  our new kit could be perfect for you!


Our kit includes a large bag of floating duck & swan food (also suitable for coots & moorhens) -  5 portions worth.

Also in the kit is a palm sized cuddly mallard duck (Living Nature) plus full instructions and some animal fact cards too!


The duck food is specially formulated with vitamins and minerals suitable for wild ducks, swans and other waterfowl. The food should be scattered sparingly over the water, where they’ll float for long enough for eager animals to pick them off the surface.


Fact cards include- duck, canada geese, moorhen and coot.


Charity Fund Raiser

 I am the manager of the Friends of Rowntree Park in York, a charity that helps maintain and improve the park.  As well as improving the physical space, we run mental health and well being programmes and educational outreach, as well as running nature based events for the community.  Rowntree Park is well loved for it's ducks - propfit from each kit sold goes to the charity to enable us to keep doing what we do! 

Duck Lover Kit