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Have fun with fungi!


We are excited to share with you our Mushroom Kit.  This includes all you need to grow your own Oyster mushrooms at home plus a set of our Fungi Discovery Cards!


Growing mushrooms is such a fabulous activity to do with your family!  It is a fabulous way to learn all about how mushrooms grow plus you can eat what you've grown too!  All our kits are eco-friendly BUT this one even more so because you use the packaging as your growing base - nothing is wasted!  This kit lets you grow your own Oyster mushrooms.


In addition to the chance to grow your own oyster mushrooms, the kid comes with our Fungi Discovery Cards. 20 cards featuring common fungi you may spot through different times of the year whilst out on walks. each card has a clear image for identification on one side and lots of facts on the other - including what times of year to find them and where they tend to grow!





Grow your own Mushroom Kit

SKU: 00028