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PDF download now avaliable after requests!


Choose thew size to print on your printer at home - our cards tend to be a6 but pick the size that works for you!


Calling all potion masters - it's time to create!


Why not have fun creating potions with our Halloween potion recipe cards. Pour, mix, create and wow!  Your little ones will have fun with this managed mischief!


Each card includes a character image on one side and a recipe on the other.  The ingredients are basic things you may have in your house or can easily pick up at the local shops to allow your little one to create a make!  There are also suggestions of special ingredients to add that allow your child to use their imagination and creativity.  We can guarantee they'll have a magical time!


Packs include 6 potions cards, the cards are A6 size (larger than our usual Catkin cards) and come in a cotton drawstring bag.  Potions are none edible. 


These cards were illustrated and designed and created by my 11-year-old daughter who is being gripped by an entrepreneurial spirit.  Any profit made goes directly to her so she can continue to create and design.  The cards are a slight deviation from Catkin & co's totally 'natural' approach, but I think it was worth it for this special idea that we know little ones will love. I say little - my 8 and 11-year-old had hours of fun creating the potions! Fun for all ages!


Spooky Potion Pack PDF