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Spring Flowers - PDF Download

Use our downloadable cards to spot some of the 28 common flowers you may see in spring! The cards include a mix of flowers sighted in the wild but also in parks and gardens.


These cards are designed to be duel sided - with a clear photographic image and the name of the flower on one and some facts on the reverse. However when printing at home, obvioously print and use them as you wish! 


Designed to be printed A7 like our physical cards- but you can choose the size to print.  This is a PDF document so each side of the card will display A4 intially - choose the settings in your printer options to get more images to a page (if you are not sure how - have a fiddle! as you will work it out!) You can choose the size you want the images. They are made to be A7 but could be printed larger with 4 or 6 to a page instead.


We love seeing our resources in  use, so please share on social media if willing!


These Spring Flower cards are only avalibale as a download. We do have general 'Wildflower' cards avaliable as physical product and also our Wildflower Kit that includes a flower press, wildflower seeds along with the cards.


Spring Flowers PDF