Winter Trees


Why not download our identification cards to help you learn to identify trees in winter.  Featuring 16 common trees that you are likely to see whilst out and about.

These cards will also be available in print soon.

Find out how to identify the tree from it's twigs, but also additional clues such as bark and other things you may find on or near the tree.


These cards are intendd to be printed A7 size. The document is a PDF and you should opt to choose to print 9 cards per page if you want this size (just fiddle with printer settings on your computer screen). The cards are designed to have a front and back (16 cards but therefore 32 on a  sheet). You can opt to stick them together or use as singles.


Top tip for begineers -  Ash, Oak, Horse Chestnut and Alder are the easier one to identify at first! Alder tends to grow near water though.


The trees used are based on common UK trees.  The cards include common features of such trees, but please remember there can be a few varieties/slight differences between some trees (such a few types of elm, hawthorn, maple and so on. It's a general guide to start your journey into winter tree identification and bud spotting!

Please note - no refunds can be offered on digital downloads as the product is automatically delivered after sale. 

Winter Tree Cards - PDF Download